Design questions

  • How do I change the background of a flowpage?

    If you select the specific flowpage under the flowpages tab of the navigator, you can edit the background in the style tab. Use the "add to section" checkbox to fill the entire game flow section.

    See more in the Design course.

  • How do I edit the text on my introduction page?

    To edit the content of your game flow pages, select the flowpages tab of the navigator and the specific flow page you want to edit.

    See more in the Frontend Editor course.

  • How do I change my text color?

    This depends on where the text is.

    For registration forms, select the registration addon in the frontend and change the text color in the style tab.
    For quiz questions, go to font styles under layout in the backend and update H3 (default text style for questions).
    For quiz answers, look under the game settings tab and answer layout.

    See more in the Design course.

Publishing questions

  • Can I publish a game on my own website?

    Yes! You can insert the game into your website using our iframe script. The script can be found under the publishing tab of the campaign backend.

    See more in the Publishing course.

  • How do I change the title in my browser tab?

    This is originally based on your campaign name but can be changed in the Meta settings under the publishing menu in the campaign backend.

    See more in the Publishing course.

  • How do I set up Facebook sharing?

    If you're sharing the campaign on your own social media, you will want to set up your Meta information, under the publishing tab in the campaign backend.

    If you are encouraging participants to share your campaign, you will insert the Social Share addon into your game flow page.

    See more in the Publishing or Addons courses.

  • Where do I extend my campaign period?

    In the campaign backend under the publishing tab, you can adjust the start and end dates for your campaign.

    You cannot reactivate a campaign that has expired and passed its data retention period (usually 30 days). Instead, you can make a copy of the campaign and publish the copy.

    See more about data retention in the Registration course.

Data questions

  • Where do I find my campaign statistics?

    In the backend under the Activity tab, you can see an overview of your campaign's registration data, visitor statistics, and game flow statistics (depending on the game type). If you can't see this data, check with your account administrator about your login privileges.

  • How do I change the data collected in my registration form?

    Open the registration page of your game flow and select the registration addon. In the editor, you can modify the registration form. Here you can add additional fields or edit existing fields.

    See more in the Registration course.

  • Can I get an automated email with statistics?

    Yes! You can have anonymized statistics sent to you weekly by entering your email under Activity > Statistics.

    There is also an integration that will allow you to receive a notification each time someone registers on your campaign, up to 50 times per day.